Birding and the Places You Will Go

Pettigrew Lake, North Carolina

Can you think of a class of animals more ubiquitous than birds? Birds inhabit almost every inch of this planet–from the Antarctic to the Sahara to the wide expanses of the Himalayas and the Pacific. Each specie finds its place somewhere. And for those of us who look for birds, we must go to these places.

It is easy for bird watchers to get wrapped up with The List. Like roadtrippers fixed only on their destination, birders can miss out on the natural beauty of the environments birds occupy. It’s important to lower the binoculars every now and then and allow the world around us to excite us.

We find more than just birds in these places. We find the simple truths of nature–those that enlighten us to the world and to ourselves. The more I bird, the less important the birds become. Instead it’s about the times and the moments and the places:

NC Highway 12, Cape Hatteras National Seashore, North Carolina
Vonore Beach, Tennessee
Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge, North Carolina
Guilford County, North Carolina
Grandfather Mountain State Park, North Carolina
Bodie Island Lighthouse, North Carolina
Wetland created by a beaver dam, Guilford County, North Carolina

Looking forward to the many birds and the many places I will find in the future.

3 Replies to “Birding and the Places You Will Go”

    1. I was very intrigued to find all the bird posts on your page. I also find bird watching to be healing. It gets me outside my head, gets me re-grounded. I love it!


    2. Oh my bird photos go on for months if you look back through my blog on a rainy day when you have nothing better to do 🙂 I adore looking for new birds, identifying them, watching their mannerisms and behaviors and just laying in the yard and watching them hop all around me. Yesterday we had two varieties of woodpeckers, an owl, a hawk, some bluejays, and robins. They really love to come to our yard.
      It also helps me to be grounded and focus on things other than my own thoughts so I completely understand that. I love it too!

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